Ferry Flight


Ferry flights are delivery flights for the purpose of returning to an aircraft to its base, and delivering a new aircraft to its customer from its place of manufacture, moving an aircraft from one base of operations to another or moving an aircraft to or from a maintenance facility for repairs, overhaul or other work. They heavily discount the ticket fare for Ferry flights; one doesn’t have to reschedule your plan because most of the flights have fixed routes. The best part about ferry flight is, one can experience and enjoy the amenities of a private aircraft at discounted prices. An aircraft may have to be moved without passengers from one airport to another at the end of the day’s operation in order to coup up with the next day’s agenda, these are called as Positioning flights, which are still Ferry flights. Ferry fights are used for emergency purposes like evacuating process, during 9/11 attack or in case of volcanic eruptions, Ferry flights come in handy to help and save lives. These small aircrafts are steered by authorized pilots and one needs to obtain a ferry permit to fly a Ferry flight, which is an authorization, issued National Airworthiness Authority.