JetProp is a small aircraft which fits only a few people or just a family. JetProp was certified in August 1998, a lower cost JetProp conversion became available in October 2003. By the month of September 2008, Rocket Engineering of Spokane, Washington had completed and delivered 203 JetProp conversions. With the help of power boost, the JetProp can take off the runway and clear a 50-foot obstacle in about 1200 feet from sea level. With the aid of the reverse thrust, landing distances even become shorter. DL and DLX are the Roman numbers for 550 and 560, the shaft horsepower created by the Pratt & Whitney PT6 conversion engines. The slight modest difference is the DL’s lower price tag while comparing to the JetProp. The JetProp can’t carry much weight; the full-fuel payload is about 200 to 300 pounds, depending on the weight of the donor airframe. An average weight of an empty JetProp is about 3100-pound range. The fuel capacity is about 151 gallons (1021 pounds) or about three hours worth of traveling including reserves. The JetProp is perfect for a small business or family which doesn’t require a big load, and for the areas where the fuel is very expensive or unavailable.